Abbotts Hotel Waterloo

abbotts hotel waterloo exterior


abbotts hotel logoThe same principles that have revolutionised the Alpine Hotel are progressively being applied to the Abbotts Hotel, Waterloo in a thriving working class suburb in South Sydney.

One of the  chefs from Cooma is now revamping the kitchen and food service at Abbotts, leading to increased meal numbers. Structural and décor defects are being rectified and rooms are being refurbished with new beds, fans, blinds and linen for improved guest comfort. The cash register software has been updated and vital equipment which had previously been neglected is being improved. Yet this is just the beginning of the transformation. Already turnover is steadily growing, the quality of the patrons is improving while still retaining the loyalty of the existing customer base.


Lessons learned in parallel businesses have demonstrated to us the benefit of size. As turnover increases, specialist skills can be hired which will be amortised across the entire company or group of businesses.

Specialist financial controllers, skilled logistic and purchasing talents, and accomplished chefs can be employed to improve efficiencies.. Also, bargaining power increases allowing stock to be purchased at preferential rate from major suppliers, further improving profitability and simplifying stock control.

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The Lee Dillon Group invites proposals from organisations with hotel assets who wish to restore these businesses back to commercial viability. This is a unique opportunity to leverage our experience and principles to generate wealth and make viable businesses, which may currently be underperforming or failing to realise their potential and come alive again.