LDM Riviera

ldm riviera

ldm riviera logoA NEW CHAPTER BEGINS.

The principles that had built Australia’s most awarded and successful Riviera dealership laid the foundations for a new Riviera dealership in 2012. As new ownership of Riviera put the brand on firmer ground, Lee Dillon believed the time was right to support the Riviera brand once again.

LDM Riviera was established at Church Point on Sydney’s northern beaches as part of the R Marine network. With some innovative new Riviera models coming through, together with the Belize range that Lee Dillon had jointly created, the future for Riviera was exciting.

As the dealership flourished and is now in the hands of a new operator. However, a  wealth of knowledge in the field of marine marketing, retailing and luxury cruising remains firmly entrenched within the LDM Group.


The Lee Dillon Group invites proposals from organisations who wish to restore their businesses back to commercial viability. This is a unique opportunity to leverage our experience and principles to generate wealth and make viable businesses, which may currently be underperforming or failing to realise their potential and come alive again.

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