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luxury design motoryachts

luxury design motoryachts logoA LEGACY OF QUALITY.

Across 3 decades, LDM has stood for utmost quality in the marine industry.  ‘Lee Dillon Marine’ was arguably the most respected name in powerboat circles throughout the late 80’s, 90’s and early 2000s. LDM was a dealer of primarily brand new Riviera luxury cruisers, along with pre-owned powerboats of all makes. The dealership grew steadily in both size and stature to become Australia’s most awarded and respected Riviera dealer. It was a legacy founded on quality, trust and integrity, and was known for delivering the calibre of customer service that surpassed expectations.

Branding was imperative, as were the values behind that brand. So as each boat was handed over to a new owner, it did so bearing the distinctive LDM decal and stainless steel transom badge. Craft bearing the LDM nameplates commanded higher resale prices when they were traded; a reflection of the attention to detail displayed during pre-delivery and the higher standards of servicing which kept them on the water. Even today, as you wander along the boardwalks of the most prestigious marinas on Australia’s east coast, the gleaming LDM badge still features on numerous craft.

Then in 2010, ‘LDM’ assumed a new meaning with the creation of ‘Luxury Design Motoryachts’.

Operating at Middle Harbour, Mosman, Luxury Design Motoryachts was set up primarily to support the new Belize range of luxury motor cruisers while also handling a broad spectrum of spectacular pre-owned craft.


The Lee Dillon Group invites proposals from organisations who wish to restore their businesses back to commercial viability. This is a unique opportunity to leverage our experience and principles to generate wealth and make viable businesses, which may currently be underperforming or failing to realise their potential and come alive again.

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